Yes, we have a permit!

From the city of Colorado Springs’ website:

City issues 30-day revocable permit to local Occupy Wall Street group

“The City of Colorado Springs is issuing a 30-day revocable permit to allow the Occupy
Wall Street protestors in Colorado Springs to maintain their current location while the City continues to assess public safety, health and welfare impacts.

The location is immediately next to a favorite gathering spot for children and families as well as being adjacent to a high school. The City thinks it is important to assess whether the protestors are having a negative impact on children and families in the community. It is a high-use area for the entire community, recreationally and commercially for retailers and small businesses.

The City is not aware of any permit having been issued for this type of activity for any extended amount of time. To the City’s knowledge, longer term permits have previously only been issued for permanent structures, such as awnings on restaurants.”

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