After a general assembly meeting on March 6th, 2012 in which a majority of those present attempted a vote of no confidence on the ruling body of Occupy Colorado Springs, it was decided that without democracy that Occupy Colorado Springs should be overthrown. The last efforts of that ruling body who hijacked facebook pages and created an alternate website to this one were to pass out form letters removing the ability to vote by those who would vote against them, and even going so far as to attempt to have 2 people arrested on false charges to prevent them from showing up. That is not what democracy looks like, rather it is disenfranchisement, and those who remain with the label "Occupy Colorado Springs" represent that disenfranchisement. This page will now serve as a warning to others and to redirect the good efforts of activists to the more positive groups that the disenfranchised left for to put their efforts into causes not corrupted.

Here is a sample of their disenfranchisement papers.

Here is video of the hijackers being exposed on KOAA news on March 8th, 2012.

Here is video of when the last attempt was made to vote out the hijackers from positions of power in the movement in order to save it from their ideology and tactics. Let this be a warning to any person who wants to be part of the movement to better our world.


If you would like to follow those who left the movement and found more positive outlets for their efforts, we recommend the following:

Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission

ACLU of Colorado

We Are Change

Sanity Colorado


MoveOn Springs

Women's Resource Agency

Peak Dems

People For Truth

Zonta Club of Pikes Peak Area

Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council

Pikes Peak Skeptics Society

I am Bill Smith


The Colorado Springs Activism Group

Freethinkers of Colorado Springs

Pressure Point Colorado Springs

iCannabis Radio

Overgrow The Government

Pikes Peak M4M


There are plenty of groups out there that can use a helping hand. Please put your efforts into productive places and try to stay away from destructive and illegal activities.