Direct monetary donations to Occupy Colorado Springs are not currently being taken online directly until non-profit status is achieved.

Small or fresh donations of food can be given directly to the protesters at General Assembly.
Larger donations of food can be coordinated with Jack on facebook (Occupy Safe Haven) or with Rita Auge at (719)339-7554.

YouTuber AgentOfDoubt has made charity supply runs to Occupy Colorado Springs and Occupy Denver. The playlist of videos chronicling where the money is spent is here. Donations taken by him are not directly linked to the Occupy Colorado Springs protest because some of the funds go to supplying Occupy Denver. His fundraisers are completely transparent in that you can track the money going in on the ChipIn pages and the cost of the supplies going out in the videos. He is also an admin on this website (disclosure). is also taking donations online here to feed the protesters in New York that we are protesting in solidarity with.